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Thanks to Viva la Vida (and iTunes) I'm here!

Lorelai Kidman

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Hey everybody! I'm Lorelai, and new to the site (well obviously due to my post count)


This iTunes commercial actually got me interested in Coldplay, and I've been scrambling like crazy the past couple days listening to some of their older stuff, which I liked, but Viva la Vida just blew me away!


I had heard about Coldplay before, but never really took the time to listen. After seeing the commercial, and not just being mesmerized by the pretty lights, but the sound and the lyrics just captured my heart!


I look forward to becoming part of this community and getting to know most of you! Best Wishes!

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Hey hey always great to see more Paddys (or should that be Patricias?) popping up round here:D



In case you haven't yet, you should check out the multimedia section cos its a treasure trove of rare and difficult to get Coldplay material. Highly recommended!

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probably one of the few people whose music taste was inspired by a commercial but i don't blame you

welcome, and enjoy :)


Haha! I know, crazy, right? I had heard of CP, but was never exposed to their music before that gorgeous commercial!


I'm completely hooked now. Thanks for the warm welcome!!

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