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Jimmy Kimmel Live


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Just got home from the Jimmy Kimmel taping. AMAZING!! They were so on tonight. The set was:


Violet Hill

Viva La Vida


Chinese Sleep Chant (my guess b/c the only lyric I could pull out was "sleep peaceful")

Lovers in Japan

Fix You


I think they're only gonna air Violet and Vida, but it comes on Wed. Lovers in Japan was incredible! Can't wait for the album.

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...woke up cuz i couldn't get to sleep.


checked my phone, my sister sent me a pic of CHris's autograph...




edit: wow this is lame


i seriously can't stop crying, :laugh3:


edit again: here we go










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Ok peeps. Here is a roundup of what happened on Jimmy Kimmel. Coldplay went on around 9:15pm and played six songs:


1- Violet Hill

2- Viva la Vida

3- Clocks

4- (Our mystery song...kept hearing words like satisfaction or something. Music was way too loud and made it hard to hear Chris)

5- Lovers in Japan (different from acoustic version...breathtaking)

6- Fix You (pretty awful until the end of the song...it looked like Chris needed water or something)


**Before I went in I was just hanging out on Hollywood Blvd waiting for my friend to show up. The funny characters that entertain on the street were doing their thing...I saw Superman walk by...then Spiderman...A guy in a scream mask...then.....I was like...NO WAY....It was freakin GUY BERRYMAN!! walking by himself just checking things out...I said "Have a good show tonight" and he did't realize I was talking to him at first, then he paused and said "Thank You" and kept walking.

**Later I got into the greenroom and Guy was the only member walking around with us common folk. The rest of the band was in a off limits room next to where we were sitting. Does Guy have a brother? Because he was talking to a person who looked A LOT like him. Anways, onto the concert...

**Chris dropped his usually number of S and F bombs and got some laughs.

**People were watching from rooftops surrounding the stage which was cool.

**Chris spotted a guy in an Iron Maiden t-shirt and said that was the first time he had seen a heavy metal t-shirt at one of their concerts. Then he mentioned that a caller this morning on KROQ mentioned that he used to think Coldplay sounded like crap but liked them now.

**After they finished their second song, Chris looked over to Jimmy and asked "What the F*** do we do now Jimmy?" that got some laughs

**At one point Chris blurted out "I'm F***ing Ben Affleck" which was one of Kimmel's funny skits. Then Chris said "Actually, someone's wife used to date Ben Affleck, so thats not right" More laughter


Here are some pictures. They are pretty awful from my camera phone since they wouldnt allow real cameras in there. Take them for what they're worth. Cheers!












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The crowd was pretty small actually which kinda bummed me out. They could of brought in at least 100-200 more people. But the first two songs got a lot of applause since we have heard them already. Then there was the one song nobody could recognize so it was a kind of really weird feeling i guess and just got some claps afterward. The crowd loved Lovers in Japan. Great Song.

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Okay, thanks for answering and a shame not more people showed up. I would've been there but seeing as how I live in TX, well that wouldn't really work now would it. Did people even know they were gonna play there? Thanks again for the pix and glad you enjoyed yourself.:)

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Oh trust me, it wasnt a lack of interest. It was just the stage area was basically in a parking lot. I am pretty sure if they had 100-200 more tickets they would of easily filled out the stage area better. But I guess its a safety issue. It was good times.

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Oh, I thought maybe people didn't know. And if I remember correctly when they first played JKL in January 2003, didn't they have to close down part of a street or something? Anyways, it's great to see them back on tv again after such a long time. Damn, too bad they can't telecast the entire set of songs they performed but two is still good. Thanks again for answering and I'll thank you again in advance if you respond because I need to go to sleep! Sorry for all the questions and good night.

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No problem. It was cool at the end of Violet Hill..he told the crowd that it was the first time they had done that song live for an audience. Cool feeling for everyone.


The concert tonight was a pre-taping for Wednesdays show. CM said they were leaving the US after this. So u wont see this until Wednesday night.

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Lovers in Japan from Kimmel concert (NON ACOUSTIC!)


Found this on youtube from the concert I went to tonight..only about 1 minute of the song after the girl in the video screams...but I think you'll agree its better than the acoustic!!



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