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Johnny's New Pedals????


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From what I could see in the clips from Jimmy Kimmel, his effects switching box is a lot bigger this go around (it is now next to the rest of his pedals as opposed to it's former position underneath). It looks about twice as big, which supports the theory that he has a lot of new MIDI gear.


I also saw a still capture from that broadcast that shows about two pedals (rather blury) in the corner of the screen, but have misplaced it, will try to find it...


As for the heavier distortion, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that he recorded (and presumably will play live) much of the new material on a les paul, which lends itself naturally to heavy distortion and sustain...

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"blah...stupid Les Pauls....over-rated"


That's a matter of opinion (and to some extent I agree with you, being a mostly fender player myself.) However, I am not sure what you mean here, All I said was that Jon recorded the bulk of the new album on one (which is fact) and that would account for heavier sustain in the newer tracks (also fact). I never said this was good or bad. I was only commenting on why the new material sounded different than the old...

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So far violet hill is the only song off the new album where jonny uses the GLP live. That doesn't necessary reflect the album recordings accurately..but in the secret gig in amsterdam, he uses the thinline on all the other songs with the exception of chinese sleep chant, where he uses the jag.

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So he still uses the thinlines as his main live guitars then? (I haven't seen video of the amsterdam gig, so I can't speak to that.) In one of the earlier interviews on the progress of VLVODAAHF (Which was still unamed then) Jon mentioned he relied mostly on a Les Paul in the new sessions. (Perhaps most of those songs were scrapped?) Sorry if I'm in error...:\


BTW: are you sure it's the Jag in Chinese sleep Chant. It sounds more like the Jazzmaster to my ear (warm and mellow-ish), but I could very well be wrong on that as well...

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yeah its really hard to tell if its his Jag or Jazzmaster but I do think its his Jag I could be wrong though.


My apologies to fak fak I didn't mean to imply tht you were wrong just simply making my feelings on Les Pauls known. I am a fender guy too I have a thinline and I love it. I do agree with the sustain and distortion on Les Paul and they actually are good guitars its just that everyone in the US and their mother has one...


Actually the more I watch its kinda cool to see Jonny with a Les Paul :-)

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You've got it backwards, the Jag hasn't really seen use since the AROBTTH days, whereas the Jazzmaster was used throughout the twisted logic tour (usually in the electric portion of the scientist, and for how you see the world as well).


The Jag has a much punchier tone (almost like an overdriven Strat) While the Jazzmaster is better suited to fuzzed out tones like those in Sleep chant.


After hearing the album, I'm almost positive that Death and all his friends was also recorded on a GLP (or his 335), don't actually think any of the other tracks that made it on to the finished record were...

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I don't think he had an "assigned" guitar for the scientist. He seemed to use whatever guitar wasn't being used for something else that particular gig, so he may have played it with the Jag on some gigs for all I know...


BTW getting back to the topic of the thread, I've managed to get a bit of information on Jon's new rig:


His Les paul is a Les Paul Custom (meing mini-humbuckers as opposed to standard ones)


He's also switched his tuning pedal (it's still a Boss, but not the tr2 any longer, it's the chromatic tuner that is sideways as opposed to up and down, too lazy to look up the model number at the moment, but you can look it up easily enough if you're interested...)


I've also heard some talk that he uses the following (however PLEASE treat these with a grain of salt as I'm unsure if these are actually used by Jon)


Sobbat DB-1 Drive breaker Distortion


Boss RE-20 (this is the digital modeling pedal based on the old Roland Space Echo)

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for some reason, these images look WAY distorted when I try to post them here (never seen this happen with other images I've posted...:angry:), but here's a link to GOOD photos of his entire new rig. (anyone who can identify the whole thing, please do so, as a few things are hard to ID)





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I think I've got it all figured now (apart from the custom made gear which is almost impossible to definatively id.


PEDALS (left to right):


Fulltone OCD




Pro Co RAT


Ibanez Tube Screamer


Boss TU2 (top)


HBE Power Screamer


Boss RV5


MXR Phase 90


Boss DD5


Line 6 DL4


RACK (top to Bottom):


Boss TU2


TC Electronics 2290 (x2)


Line 6 Echo Pro (x2) [i think this particular unit is no longer made]


Eventide H7600

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