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Jimmy Eat World!!!


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Are they gorgeous or what?? Since Fiona brought them up I just HAD to build this thread for worshipping them... :D

They are one of my most precious bands and "Bleed American" is one of those very few albums I can listen to without even skipping one song... It is wonderful!!!! 8) Anyone agree?!

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The only stuff I am familiar with is Bleed American album but I have it and it's great!
me too...i never really got around to listening to it....only bleed america


because i hear most of it on mtv or muchmusic...or whatever else music channels that play their stuff.

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Download Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World' date=' they covered it, I think George Michael sang it originally. But they did a great cover![/quote']


I actually heard it the other day and was not impressed! :( :roll:


Wham!!! Cheesy 80s music is a great! haha :D

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wow thanx for the mention kat :-D xxx

i never even realised there was a thread about them in here! :D :?

bleed america is definately their best album so far in my opinion :-D

its songs r more meaningful than clarity but that album is more rockier love them all!!!! :D ;) :eyecrazy: :smileyb:

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