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vivi la vida limited edition!


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well i rang up my local JB HI-FI (for the aussies) asking about the release of vivi la vida and violet hill, they said on the 14th (even though i thought it was the 12th hummm..) anywho, the lady said a special/limited edition was also available! she didn't say much just that the casing was bigger and i came with extra goodies, something about another cd!


when i get it on saturday i'll post :D


and the single will be out some time after the album (very helpful lol)

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Another CD?! :shocked2:


I am DEFINITELY hopping down to JB-HiFi at Highpoint this weekend! Do you know what stores stock the Gatefold, though?


I think I mentioned it in the Australian Release thread a while back :thinking: Can't remember if anyone posted an answer though...

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