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So any songs on VLV that you now just HAVE to learn?


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I have to say I feel totally inclined to learn Vida la vida on acoustic (i've seen it done, its excelent) Lovers in Japan too, definatly Death and all his friends (I love the guitar transition) and I'd love to play Cemetries of London too, im sure it could be very creepy on an acoustic.

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Guest Hyperfried

Yeah, I've already self-taught myself Viva la Vida, Violet Hill, 42, and Death and All His Friends on the piano, though I'm baffled on the little piano breakdown on Violet Hill and the solo on 42. Either way, both sound fantastic. The cello part for VLV is also cool.


However... I really, really want to learn Lovers in Japan, Lost! and Cemeteries of London. And 42 and Violet Hill proper.


I am a freak.

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I only know how to play Piano and I have to learn Lost,

But I'm just dying to learn Lovers in Japan, on Guitar so Im actually taking up guitar lessons, I've wanted to take it up for a long time now, but lovers in Japan has pushed me over the edge'!

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I fiddled around with my guitar and plucked randomly... That's how I self-taught myself LiT and DAAOHF (which I think are the easiest songs off VLV?). I don't think I'm 100% accurate yet though.


I'm not very good at complex stuff yet because I just started lessons, but I'd love to learn Lost!, VLV, Violet Hill and SS one day.

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