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American version should be out earlier also


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i agree that it's ridiculous and that it DOES hurt record sales, and i don't understand why it happens this way all the time. at the same time, though, its not THAT big of a deal, especially since it leaked. even if it didn't leak, we would still have heard it in this interim period because nice japanese/UK/european friends would have leaked it by now. yeah, it's annoying to wait for the physical CD, but the music is the point of it all, and we already have that part of it. the rest is just gravy. i think it's fine if you're waiting for the official release to listen to it, but if you are, then don't complain about the gap in release time, because you can very easily remedy the problem.

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It's a 5 day difference, suck it up. It's leaked online so if you're impatient just listen to it anyway.



besides, we get better caterings to plenty of live gigs and stuff. we win some, we lose some. :rolleyes:




aside from that, I also agree with Fed too. you know we're all for hip-hop too. :dozey:

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