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Violet Hill/December...the same songs?


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Rolling Stone revealed that the first line of Violet Hill was one of the verse of December, the first Coldplay song written by only Chris and Jon...


Anyone noticed this?

I think it's very amazing that the guys eventually have finished the song...December wasn't finished so far, but Violet Hill is a sort of similar track...

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Really? I missed that part. I thought Chris said he had the first line written but then didn't know how to finish it - it was only when he was watching Fox News (clearly he's into sado-masochism) that the rest of the song came to him. December comes from the Safety recordings and is one of five other songs that didn't make the EP and that only Nikki Rosetti has a copy of.


I think December is a separate song. I find it hard to believe that they'd spend money to record a song with just one line of lyrics.


Though I could be wrong (has happened in the past) :D

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well steve, you'll have to get in contact with Nicki Rosetti - I believe a bottle of white wine, some nice chocolates and a bouqet of expensive flowers from St. Louis are in order ;)


Take one for the team man :D

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Was a long and dark December

After leaves fell in November

We were kissing in September

And we talked all night in May


It was harder come October

But the grey clouds passing over

Kept us delicate and sober

And I want to feel that way



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