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Lyric question

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In the Escapist, are the lyrics 'And, in the end, we lie awake and we dream of making our escape'


Or is it 'And, in the end, we lie awake and we dream we'll make an escape' ?


I thought it was the former (also much better, in my opinion), but the Coldplaying Wiki indicates otherwise...

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Interpretation of ColdPlay's - Viva La Vida or Death and All its Friends


Its a Current Day and very Political Statement Folks, simple and clear.


"Viva la Vida" is Spanish, It's literal meaning is "live the life". It is often used in English to say "long live" such as viva la resistance, or long live the resistance.


The Album Cover Artwork is a Famous Painting called - "LIBERTY FOR THE PEOPLE" painted by French artist Eugène Delacroix, in 1830.


The painting commemorates the July Revolution of that year.


***** As an aside ******

This year 2008, there is a Ron Paul Liberty March in Washington D.C. on 12th July "www.revolutionmarch.com"


This is the real chance for a new Revolution in the US, Ron Pauls movement is going PUBLIC, the "www.campaignforliberty.com".


The media will SIMPLY NOT be able to ignore this march, in JULY this year - Just wait and SEE for yourselves, not long to go really to see

if these words ring true (3 weeks).


***** As an aside ******



The Album Title says it all - COMPARE the TWO tracks mentioned in the Album Title.


"Viva La Vida" (A very upbeat song, the message is about a Rejected, and Toppled, Lying Dictator).




"Death and All His Friends" (Drawn Out and Overplayed Apathetic Track of Ignorance to the current situation in the world).



All Americans are very shortly due to make a VERY IMPORTANT CHOICE; I would guess around election time, this

year (November 9th) if not, most likely before then.


The CHOICE being alluded to for the people is in summary -


1. "Viva La Vida" - Life the Life; Join the Revolution and work with all your passion to change America's corrupt political

and broadcasting systems and release the country back to the constitution and deliver only messages of Peace and Love. Very Upbeat."




2. "Death and all His Friends" - We can just continue in apathy listening to the current governtment and propoganda until its too late,

la la la dont worry.....dont worry.....I dont want this.....I want to Escape.....I plan to Escape.....Complete Apathy.


The albums message is of the chance for Revolution and the consequences of not having one.



Check out WHAT the Russian President and top Military men had to say in February 2008 about Bush's current antics around the world.





Also READ the lyrics for Violet Hill, which is narrative of ONE such potential outcome; if the Americans do not choose wisely.




Have a listen to these very recent LIVE performances to verify the words I have used below:


Check Out,


Live on Jonathan Ross 13th June 2008 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qte8BBs0i_Q


Live in Amsterdam June 2008 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnhbHef8928&feature=related


(If the clips get removed just search for them or any other live performance - The important words are VERY pronounced and even exaggerated).



Violet Hill - The Revolution Fails; The US Continues to be Ruled By Current Administration and Rupert Murdoch's FOX News Empire


(Or should that be the other way round).


(The story is about a soldier sent to fight in the Middle East by the US and returning home after WWIII).


Was a long and dark December

From the rooftops i remember

There was snow White snow


(He recalls the "Nuclear Strike from Russia" (who are currently supplying Enriched Uranium to Iran), after the US Government

goes TOO FAR in the next coming months by invading Iran).


Clearly i remember

From the windows they were watching

While we froze down below


(He is remembering being left out in the cold after the strike - Do you think FEMA will come and look after you, when the shit his the fan, lol?)


When the future's architectured

By a carnival of idiots on show

You'd better lie low


(Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, Bill O'Reilly and all of the Governmental puppets are minipulating everyone, keep your head down and you

might be OK).


If you love me

Won't you let me know?


(Very poignant, Why dont the government and media let us know the truth?)


Was a long and dark December

When the Banks became Cathedrals

And the FOX Became God


(We have been lead to think that we should worship money and blindly BELIEVE in the media, aka FOX.)


Priests clutched onto bibles

Hollowed out to fit their rifles

And the cross was held aloft


(Clearly a commentry that the wars will be fought under the guise of religion).


B, B, B-Bury me in Armour

When i'm dead and hit the ground

My loves opposed, that unfolds


(He wants to die fighting for this new Revolutionary cause (hence the protective Armour), even thought he is now completely opposed to fighting).


If you love me

Won't you let me know?



(Very poignant, Why dont the government and media let us know the truth?)



(Guitar Solo)


(Nice guitar work ;o))


I don't want to be a soldier

who the captain of some sinking ship

would stow, far below


(He does NOT wish to fight any more wars that cannot be won, for a US Govenment, who has completely lost its way and has lost world popularity).


So if you love me

Why'd you let me go?


(He asks a straightforward question......WHY DID you let me go to war, when you knew it was a lie?).


I took my love down to violet hill

There we sat in snow

All that time she was silent still


(He is implying that if this does not stop soon; as happened in World War 2, Violet Hill in China will also face the same

fate as American Cities will).


So if you love me

Won't you let me know?


(Very poignant, Why dont the government and media let us know the truth?)


If you love me,

Won't you let me know?


(Why dont they let US know the truth?)




And Finally......compare the stark interpretation I have made, to that of the "Dancing Politicians" video posted on official Coldplay YouTube Channel.




Actual Video Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WqQL5WFN20


Not any real signs of reference to Jesus, or any direct reflection on the French Revolution IMO.


Remember that songs are meant to give you a clear message, but not be blatant. This is why Coldplay have used misinformation, mispronunciation and conceptual metaphors along with historical and religious references, to get their message over.





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My Bubble has just been burst......


Hiya Knotty,


I feel i have to apologise for me not updating my Avatar and Location sooner than tonight.


When I joined the forum last night, I didnt have the time to set my info up.


As you can see, I posted around 2.55am!


I was bloody shattered and was working 9am.


Anyways, you will now see that i am Scottish, and totally feel part of Great Britain.


I am certain that if I had set my location and so on, you would not have made such absurd and unsubstantiated comments.


"The Album" is about a choice...not necessarily just US Politics.


Do you understand WHY The Rt Hon. David Davis resigned from his position in the UK Conservative Party?


I will quote him:


"I will be resigning my membership of this House, and I intend to force a by-election in Haltemprice and Howden.


I will not fight it on the government's general record. There is little point in repeating Crewe and Nantwich.


I will not fight it on my personal record. I am just a piece in this chess game. I will fight this by-election against the slow strangulation of fundamental British freedoms by this Government.


This may be the last speech I make to the House. Of course, that would be a cause of deep regret to me.


But at least my electorate, and the nation as a whole, would have had the opportunity to debate and consider one of the most fundamental issues of the day. The ever intrusive power of the state into their daily lives, the loss of privacy, the loss of freedom and the steady attrition undermining the rule of law.


And if they do send me back here it will be with a single, simple message.


That the monstrosity of a law that we passed yesterday (Increase to Arrest for 42 Days without Charge) should not stand.

That the British people have grown tired of the inflated, arbitrary and arrogant power accumulated by this Government. And that the slow but ceaseless encroachment of the state into their daily lives must come to an end."



We ECHO America - Learn that, at least.


I will leave you with these wise words from my Mother, or "Ma", as we tend to call them in Scotland.......


"If you dinnae have anything worth sayin, dinnae say anything at all".


and please


"always treat others the way you wish to be treated".


Peace and Love.



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I think that some of the lyrics could be apllied to the war. And it's not all about the US, it involves other countries as well, whether they are fighting or just simply saying what they think about it.


ps. I have a few doubts about 'Death and all his friends'. If someone would like to help me (maybe someone whose mother tongue is English) please check out the DAAHF lyrics thread. Thanks!

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