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I feel like an Alias Day...(dont kill me)

miss capa

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^Well a big part of it is guessing who was pretending to be who, so it really does help to actually know who the current regulars are. And you aren't allowed to post with your regular account for the day, which can be tough when you want to have a regular conversation about a new bit of news or something.


Really is better to have it (and all the mess that goes with it) when everything is calmed down. ...Like next fall or winter.

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The first Alias day will always be the best one, nothing could top it


that's true!


Hahaha pancakes,anyone??


I think we all need to figure out who all the newer people are before it would ever work again. I'm pretty sure the last one was during Christmas break or early January... something like that.


Nah, too early and too many new members. It wouldn't do the trick I believe, but I would love to do it again. :)


good point.. I actually think it could be too soon if it's during the next Christmas break

Or maybe i'm just confused with all these newbies around and think it'll be the same for the next 12 months



Oh yeah it definitely was...I even enjoyed my own dead...with Knight and his horse awwwwwwwww...:heart:



but guess who got the horse in the end, mohahaha


Granny always wins!



by the way, i was 99,9% sure that the cillit bang dude was Dave 'cause he'd been talking about cillit bang for a looong time before the alias day.. :lol:

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