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Would your life make an interesting documentary?


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I went to the movies last week and there was this preview for a documentary about High School students, and it had all the stereotypes [jock, nerd, princess, etc]. My friend is dying to see it but I don't see how they can spin real life high school into something entertaining, it can be a bit monotonous and the clique drama gets old fast.



So ANYWAY. I want to know if any of you think that your life would make an interesting documentary, even if you're out of school or whatever. And why do you feel that it would/wouldn't.


Mine would be pretty cool, my family has a lot of quirks [i put that nicely :P] and my group of friends actually have very little in common and we butt heads a lot. And Coldplay/Coldplaying would have a big role in it. They would have to edit out many scenes of me staying home on the weekends either reading or being on here. So my documentary would last about 20 minutes. :laugh3:

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Mine would be okay. It would probably be about me trying to figure out scheduling between colorguard and soccer and having a mental breakdown from the idiocy that takes place at my school. It may also include me yelling at my parents for having a fight over something stupid like who's going to close the curtains and then Mom yelling when Dad finally closes the curtains because he didn't close them correctly.


There'd probably be much music and sleeping in it.

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