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Funny story, kinda. When I was losing my baby teeth, I lost the first 8 or so in the "normal way" where it gets loose and you can eventually just pull it right out. But then one day I was chewing gum and I felt one of my teeth crack, literally crack. I think I was 11. I went to the dentist a few days later and he pulled it out. My parents were just kinda hoping it was a one-time accident, but then a few months later it happened again. My dentist determined that the roots of my teeth were so strong that they didn't want to detach and let the tooth get loose, that instead the pulp of my teeth would disintegrate and my teeth would just hollow out from the inside and pretty much shatter in my mouth. So my dentist ultimately had to pull 8 teeth from my mouth, some that were actually cracked or shattered and some as just a pre-emptive strike so I wouldn't have to go through it again.





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I don't have one. I didn't take care of my teeth, ate too much candy like a crazy person, they rotted and 'caused a lot a pain, then they were removed. that's it lol


On the other note... My front left tooth was severely infected a couple months ago and there was a large lump on my gums on top of it, and I had a root canal done and it felt better and finally it went away. Now, like, over a month later, I swear a small bump is growing back.

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Use Listerine and ACT mouth wash. That combo (alternating days) along with flossing every night pretty much assures nothing bad will happen.


My uncle never took care of his teeth and he's still having dental work done to this day and he's in his 50's. It's expensive and sad...


EDIT: Yea, I know, I'm a geek.

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The total number of teeth you have had pulled in your life?!


I think the most important thing we can learn here

is that you are a legend for listening to city and colour.

Dallas Green is amazing. 'The Sleeping Sickness' FTW


and about 3 teeth I think. though it was about 8 years ago.

soooooooooo......... My smile remains in tact.

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