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Coldplaying.com's "Coldplay - The Greatest Hits" Nomination!!


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I got bored.


Nominate 10 songs to be on Coldplaying.com's "Coldplay - The Greatest Hits" list for 2008.

You have all summer. Yay!


Please only nominate singles of the albums. You may nominate singles off VLV if you want.


Off you run! :D

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my bad, you should remove that rule cuz Swallowed NEEDS to be in a Greatest Hits album!


The whole point of this thread is to make a 'Greatest Hits' album, doesn't that ruin the whole idea if we start including any songs even if they aren't singles or hits anywhere?:confused:

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True...which is why 'd much prefer a "best of..." I even came up with a 2 disc set that I burned myself.


Oh..and here's mine...no real order other than chronological.....


1.Don't Panic



4. In My Place

5. The Scientist

6. Clocks

7. Fix You

8. Speed of Sound

9.Violet Hill

10. Viva la Vida


Not my faves obviously, otherwise I would've included shiver. but based on radio-play, awards, popularity etc. the above feels accurate.

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