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Cold Play, Hot Party


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When Chris Martin checks into the Hotel on Rivington, you know it’s going to be a party. Witness the bash last Sunday, when Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrated the wrap of her movie Veronika Decides to Die. After Sarah rented the top three floors of the hotel, Chris and all the other Coldplay guys showed up, and helped Matt Skiba, the lead singer of Alkaline Trio, to sneak inside with his own band. The addition of the supercute indie punks encouraged everyone, including Sarah’s film co-star Erika Christensen, to start dancing. The crazy-fun party went on until 4 a.m.




Not sure how true this is, since conflicting reports suggest Chris was in East Hampton over the holiday weekend, seems strange that he would leave his own house to check into a hotel.


Also why would Coldplay go to Sarah Michelle Gellars Party? :thinking:


But heyho, it's a slow news day :P

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