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What's everyone's fave song on AROBTTH?


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I've been there, only not when the festival is taking place :(


Ill meet up with you next year if you are going tho! 8)


I missed out on festival circuit this year because it was a tricky few months as I was changing jobs :?


yay! tis great! :D :D :D me and dave's girl went this year and it was absolutely fantastic. :D best weekend of my life.

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im jealous :D


i LOVE festivals - thers no other atmosphere like them... as long as it doesnt rain all weekend or some git decides it will be a larf to steal your tent (that actually happened to me one year at Chelmsford Virgin Festival) - i was SOOOO not impressed :evil:

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Fave track on AROBTTH


This is very difficult. How can I choose a fave track from this album? Every single one has something special. Every time I listen to the album (and I listen to all of it from beginning to end each time, not just pick out individual tracks) I hear something new. I have listened to very little else since I bought it on the day it was released. I just go over and over and STILL find something new.


This is an album full of genius. These guys are too young to know what they have got in them yet to be created.


We wait, in awe.

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Well well, that really depends on my mood. My favorites so far are "A Rush Of Blood To The Head", "Warning Sign", "The Scientist" and "In My Place". Right now I am totally attached to the chorus "Honey, all the movements...". I can't help being all emotion when listening to his passionate voice. It makes you wish he'd dedicate this song to you someday. Sigh...

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i'll be waiting :) when i put mine on i definetly knew what i wanted to put and it was this quote of chris talking about guy.........i never went back to fix it saying chris said it.......maybe i should do that now.

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Katharina, you tart!!!! :-) !!!!


Fave tracks : First one to grab me was In My Place - literally stopped me in my tracks as I went through the living room. I listened to it over and over and then bought the album minutes after it was released. Straight away, Politik, In My Place and God Put a Smile were favourites. But very quickly I added Daylight, Amerstam, AROBTTH, The Scientst and Warning Sign to the list. Nearly run out now - Green Eyes is my least favourite.


How can they be so brilliant?

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