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What's everyone's fave song on AROBTTH?


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Yeah, Green Eyes - I like it much better than I did at first! Like all these tracks - it grows on you!


Keep listening, all of you out there who don't list Coldplay as one of your top 5 favourites .... !!


('course, no-one who's not really into Coldplay will be watching this .... !!)

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Maybe not all people are worthy listening to Coldplay... 8) Maybe it's just for special people who are actually able to appreciate that kind of genius. Who knows? But I totally agree with you, Victoria - they are brilliant!! :D

And I am not a tart!! :wink:

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Katharina, sorry, of COURSE you're not a tart!! I didn't mean it! And yes, the band is so brilliant, words fail me. No-one who isn't instantly captivated by them needn't bother living anymore!!


Is that a bit OTT, or what?


Love you all !!!

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Unhealthy obsession...


I just love 'Warning Sign'.....especially when the God that is Chris Martin belts out the haunting 'the truth is.....I miss you'...oh how I long to be the subject matter of the song! Alright, I know he wrote it after his split with his girl....but hey. what girl wouldn't wanna hear him tellin' her he misses her???

Alas, it is true, my vague interest in the band when I first heard 'Yellow' has now escalated to an increasingly unhealthy obsession, although not too sure that I would class it as unhealthy!!!!

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Well I still love them all - every one has something special and surprising. Not one of their songs is predictable - that's what makes them so great, and also so unacceptable to the majority of 'pop' fans out there, who are so boringly beige as to only recognise obviously predictable 'yeah I love her' stuff. Yeugh! I'm not particularly coherent. Many glasses of wine and too many Christmas cards to write to care ....


zzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D :roll: :-o :-)

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Re: Fave track on AROBTTH


^^^ that doesnt make any sense because i hadnt realised there was a second page for this topic :? i was actually answering this post from vicroria underneath. silly me.


This is very difficult. How can I choose a fave track from this album? Every single one has something special. Every time I listen to the album (and I listen to all of it from beginning to end each time, not just pick out individual tracks) I hear something new. I have listened to very little else since I bought it on the day it was released. I just go over and over and STILL find something new.


This is an album full of genius. These guys are too young to know what they have got in them yet to be created.


We wait, in awe.

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