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I have pink eye...


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i am not!!!! :shocked2:


i love the episode from south park for halloween where everyone becomes a zombie but the doctor says they just have pink eye. this one zombie jumps out of the bushes at chefs house

chef: "dammit johnson, what the hells gotten into you?!"

zombie johnson: points to eye "piiiiiiiink eeeeeeeeeye"

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see how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly

im crying :cry:


What is pink eye? we don't get that over here, and if we do we must have a different name for it.


Want some topical medicine Amanda? :P (South Park quote again)

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I've never seen a thread take so many random turns as this one..KEEP IT UP!



luvin' the tangents...another classic :cool:


pink eye reminds me of grapefruits, i havent had a grapefruit for a while..they're kinda sour..lemons are sour..i like lemons though, their yellow, coldplay has a song called yellow..yellow submarine (we're nearly there) i was in a sub once, but i managed to avoid pink eye...Poor Amanda, be well dear.





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