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Could it have been a LOUDER concert?


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I need your opinion on this...


Comparing the volume of their recent shows (Viva La Vida tour) to the last tour (Twisted Logic tour), was it just me or were the Twisted Logic shows impressively louder? It could depend on the venue of course. But generally speaking, there was a massive difference.


As soon as Life In Technicolor kicks in, it's obviously lower in volume than expected (personally) and lower than their previous tours.


Did you notice this as well? Any reason why? Was it differend in your city?


Maybe I was just expecting my heart to be pounded out of my chest by the bass like the first time I saw Coldplay. Maybe not...

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I didn't notice a volume difference in the songs that I can remember. I did have a little trouble hearing Chris's banter between songs, but I attributed that to the piercing screams that ensued every time he started talking. Why people cant wait until they've heard what he has to say I'll never know.


Back to the topic at hand, the venue often has a lot to do with the sound quality. An outdoor venue for example always has pretty crappy sound comparatively.

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I think there was little intended difference towards the sound by the guys + crew.


It's got to be the venue + seat location.


~Back in '06 @ Anaheim, the sound was good and loud from what I remember. Plus, I was in the perfect location regarding sound acoustics...directly facing across from the stage from the back.

~The second LA gig for this tour, I was sitting off to the side and back of the arena, and also just under some speakers hanging above there. It was fairly loud, but not as much (really fuzzy instead, and I had to listen to the speakers elsewhere for better clarity).

~And for the San Jose gig, I was sitting close to the stage and under multiple speakers facing down towards the lower-level areas. Now the sound from that area was LOUD...believe me, my hearing was definitely affected afterwards.



But aside from that, the loudness also comes from the crowds, methinks. The first few gigs (in CA) of this tour did seem to have had "quieter" crowds than the last tour.

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