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Coldplay On Video Hits


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Coldplay co-host

Sat 16th August from 8:30am

Video Hits exclusive with Chris Martin – the first and only Australian television interview for new the album!!


VH Presents Coldplay live from steps of BBC

Sun 17th August, 2-3pm

Exclusive: Coldplay performance from steps of the BBC in London + interview with Chris Martin




If you don't like in Australia or have Channel Ten I'm sure it will be on the video section of the site soon XD

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no i think it was recorded a while ago.. i remember there was a post about the video hits host doing an exclusive with chris and guy but there was nothing else really said about it so i think its a month or so old.. but yay! lol i shall be setting my alarm too :P

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Loved it!!! I haven't watched all of it yet, but my favourite part was the "piece de resistance" part and when Chris said (not an exact quote) "You could put Kylie on a bus and she'd be fun!"


I'm also certain now that Lhuna is going to be on next years EP.

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I'm still uploading my version after I cut the crap that was stuck in the middle of it :angry:


They mainly had the boys on at the start of the show and near the end.... huge block of music videos... at least it ain't MTV!

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