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i'm not sure if there's anything to get at all :P


I know a kid in the Netherlands who used to live in America and I lost touch with him. He was one of my best friends and over one summer he unexpectedly moved to Netherlands and I lost his email address. I havent seen him in 4 years and I just want to know if anyone here from the Netherlands by any chance knows him or could somehow locate him for me.

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Hello 2732 I live in Amsterdam.


Do you have any specifics as whereabout your friend might be ?


Finally someone!!


I'm not really sure, he just told me he was going back home where he originally lived which was somewhere in the Netherlands. Is there any kind of phonebook or anything you could look up his name in?


I just want to know if he's still there, for all I know he could be anywhere in the world.

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Yes, if he or his family is on what used to be the only phone network, I can look up things for you.


If he is on the new providers, then there is no public listing. PM me if you want.


Oh btw Carla (Carlaatje) is from near Rotterdam, she might have ideas for you.

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If it is meant to be, you will.


Think of him before you go to sleep as often as you can, sometimes it works, he might pick up on your "energy" and in the end you might get hints.


And no I am not quite crazy, just busy with energy work, as they call it.

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