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Alright, this thread is for (in my opinion), the Mr Nice Guy of Coldplaying.... JD (Age Six Racer).....I COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT HE HASN'T GOT HIS OWN THREAD (At least I don't think he does...), He seems such a great guy, with a nice presonallity, good taste in music, good sense of humour and overall just a great guy (I said that twice, didn't I)....Never mind, he's great!



Well, I havn't been on Coldplaying that long but JD has seemed so nice and has been nice to me, and from what I have seen, to everyone,



so on behalf of coldplaying and me....here's a thread for....






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simon... he has his own FAN CLUB!!!


btw.. I started it ...you know.. his biggest fan :smug:


exactly. he's been had his own thread but it's dead. it even has a banner I MADE. *shrugs* guess he didn't like it as much as i thought. :(



Sorry....I didn't see it, but, HEY!, Now he has got TWO! WOO! WOO! WOO! JD! WOO!....


and, Aleja, are you still mad at me? :cry:

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