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Photoshop creation of Chris Martin (iTunes ad inspired)


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Well, I've been gone a long time, but I am happy to say that I am back, and not without goodies. I recently created a Photoshop image of Chris Martin and it was inspired by the iTunes ad with VLV. Hope you guys like it!


UPDATE: I just updated the image, it used to have the glow carrying over onto Chris' body, but I fixed that, it's also larger and I added a spoiler tag because it's extremely large (1440x900).


UPDATE (again): I cleaned up the pic, it had remains from the cut of the original picture that I took Chris from, you can find the original Chris picture here. The background was created by me, if you want me to upload the background just ask.






Direct link: http://www.addictedblogging.com/ChrisMartinv5.jpg

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We work with a close relatively clear image and of the eccentric ! If we really want to obtain the depiction of the advertising it is necessary to count the small hour of work ! It would have been necessary to isolate Chris's photo on another bottomless copy and to register it in PNG, that returned the much simpler spot !

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The composition is very successful but there are some problems at the level of the cut which it is necessary to correct ! ;)


I noticed the same thing too. I'll have to go in and fix it. The cut wasn't very clean because my grid pattern was too large. I had it to 1px between every grid line, so I'm going to go ahead and erase any parts that were left over from the background of the cut.

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after making a photoshop file how do you save it to upload here in this site.


well there are several limitations to upload anything here.


you could upload the .psd file to deviantart, that site takes PSD files. Or you could just save a copy of it as a JPEG.

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