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US Open 2008


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Since Nadal took the lead I stopped watching Tennis :( !!

I just got so used to watching Federer being No. 1 that I actually can't stand the fact that he isn't :( !!.

So, I hate Nadal but I respect him at the same time......WTF :confused: ?!!!!!!

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Rafa seems like a nice guy, but his obsession with those f**king bottles of water and that little jump and sprint onto court really irritate me.


Murray was amazing last night; I hope he hammers Del Potro to get back at him for their little exchange in Rome.


I'd like Dementieva to win too.

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Aww I love Dinara Safina's little rants to herself and her mumbling.


Well obviously I want Andy to beat Rafa, and I want Feder to beat Djokovic. As for the women, I think I want Jankovic to beat Serena; she's won enough.

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what's with the ballboys in the US chucking it to one another! Gentleman's game in England dictates they roll balls along the ground half way house and then some!

That grinds my gears too a bit. I keep thinking one of the players is going to get smacked in the head by one!

Whoop whoop for Andy! Absolutely amazing. Some of his shots were ridiculously incredible. Funny seeing him meet Will Ferrell after the match too :P

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