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hello from New Hampshire!


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Hello everyone.. my name is Kendra Saunders and the initial strains of Viva La Vida drew me into a beautiful, magical and exciting quest of discovering Coldplay, back before their most recent album came out. Working in a music store, I got to listen to the CD a few weeks before it came out... and basically didn't stop listening to it after that... except for when I listened to their older albums. I worked backwards through their albums, going to X&Y next, then Rush of Blood to the Head and most recently, Parachutes.




I'm an author (even though right now I make my 'living' from the music store), and Coldplay/Chris Martin has inspired me in huge ways... I'm working on a book right now with a character that Chris inspired... Just can't help it!!


So hello... and it's lovely to meet all of you!!!!

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Thank you so much for the welcome guys!! I have been having sooo much fun looking around the site and around the messageboard... looks like TONS of awesome people here!


And the photos are sooooo good for inspiration for my story hehe. My siggie is a thing I made for my Chris character, who is named Elisha August. He seems like a bad guy for the first couple chapters but he's not nearly as bad as he thinks he is hehe. He gets sweeter as the book goes...


If ya'll want to read any of it, feel free... the first couple of chapters are posted on my website http://www.kendralsaunders.com/inanimateobjects :D I should be posting a few more chaps tonight!! I wrote a TON last night!!! YAY!!!

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thank you so very very very much for all of the wonderful welcomes! And old Hampshire... lol! So true... we Americans have really been on a "new" kick for quite some time haha.


I'm on chapter eleven of my book now, and three of those chapters have been written since I joined over here... something good in the air! :laugh3:


Really though, what a lovely board and fabulous site and great news about the upcoming EP!!! :D I can't wait to get it in at the store I work at... if my coworkers will allow me (they've gotten rather worn out on Coldplay hehe), I'll play it lots!

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