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it feels like... they are singing for me..


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hi today i just wanna know what song of coldplay make u fell like when they wrote the song or they are singing it was just for u....LOL... that happens all the time with any kind of music but tell me which one is with COLDPLAY..

well mine is ...WHAT IF.... the lirycs are beatiful everytime i hear that some it fells like i want to dedicated that song to somebody jejejeje..

anyway thank you and everytime i read a answer im gonna picture that person and imagine why? they choose that one...:rolleyes:

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When I first heard 'everythings not lost', I wasn't a fan when I first heard it as I was watching their Glastonbury set in 2005 and thinking how good they were and why I'd not paid much attention to them before, and when this song was performed, it felt like Chris was singing to me. I was having a bad time of it that summer, and it was Coldplay that helped me get out of the dark place, that song being the key.

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"the scientist", "fix you", "don't panic", "everything's not lost", "life is for living".

i actually planned on watching the live 2003 dvd tonight, but i might do it tomorrow.

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