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Hole in the Wall


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Do they make it up as they go along there? Because from what I could tell, there are no rules, Dale Winton (the host) just gives each team whatever points he feels like.


He might as well have set up a bingo machine.


I am incredulous at how my license fee gets spent

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And halfway through a mystery guest was announced...


... and five random women came out to do the can-can.


Seriously, did someone put something in my tea?


The BBC can't really have wasted all that time, money and chemically produced polysterene on such rubbish

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ya! i think their is!


woudl anyone here ever dream of going on x factor?


my friends/parents say i would do good on it.....but that kind ruins your career for ever :laugh3:


..plus i would much rather get a band and that anyway :D


Me too. I'd far rather be in a band with a cult following than be thrust in the limelight with minimal talent (as the majority of those wannabes are).

And I can't believe how those deluded ones appear to have no shame.:rolleyes:

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