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27th/28th September - Coldplay's weekend on VH1


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Calling all Coldplayers! Next weekend (27th/28th September), will be Coldplay's weekend on the music channel, VH1.



"Formed in 1997, alternative rock band Coldplay has risen far and fast in 10 years to be considered the anointed heirs of U2 for the title of best band in the world. Coldplay's misty and melodious sound prevails with passion, charm and strength of character that connects audiences warmly to their room of sanity. Viva La Vida - Or Death And All His Friends was released in 2008 appears to solidify their musical dominance with "Viva la Vida" so VH1 sits back in meditative transcension for an entire weekend of hits like "Yellow", "The Scientist", "Speed of Sound", "Fix You", and the Grammy Award-winning "Clocks"."


More of this here:D



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VH1 has 2 websites. The main: http://www.vh1.com and the alternative http://www.vh1e.com

the main one talks about celebrity news, stuff like that. the other one talks about that kind of news too, but you can see the channel's schedule and more music news on it. if you see this, http://www.vh1e.com/charts.htm i think you'll be very happy too. ;):D

and i think that the channel's transmission is the same to all countries:wink3:

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