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Chips/Fries/pommes frites thread

Black Rose

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I live on the border to Luxemburg and France!

So where in England are you?

I've spent some months near Leicester (Loughborough) and am losing track already of how many times I went to London :)


I am from the London area but now live near Duisburg.

So your location explains your French surname!!:P

So are your ancestors from Nimes, and do you speak French??:rolleyes:

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Thats what portuguese potatoes look like




Regular potatoes :P but the difference is that when they are ready, the chef kinda "punches" them lol :P so they taste different. they're good. but not as good as fries :wacky:


Punches them??:confused:

What on earth have they done to deserve that??:stunned:

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in america, i don't put anything on fries but salt or cheese! god, how i love cheese.


but in holland, they put some funky things on their fries. i tried pinadsaus, which is like a spicy sauce made of peanuts, and i really loved it. (does that fall under the "brown/HP" category? i don't know what that means).



I was wondering that tooo... so I filled out other... patat pinda/mayo is the best there is!


Mayo ! everything goes with mayo !


French Mayo is YUCK... dutch and belgium mayo,.... yummmmm:D

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