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Brothers & Sisters EP


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Guess what I found today at Best Buy here in Texas where I live and that is an Coldplay EP called Brothers & Sisters released on Fierce Panda records which features the first recordings from the guys from 1998 and was released in March 1999. The songs on the EP are as follows:


Brothers & Sisters

Easy To Please

Only Superstition


I found this today as I was checking for another record that I wanted and I stumbled on this and the price was right too $4.99 to be exact. Chris sounds great on all the songs especially on Brothers & Sisters with Will and Guy singing harmonies on the song with Chris.


How many of you all have this EP?

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I like Jonny's lead guitar intro on Only Superstition, really dynamic. Easy To Please is a soft song that Chris does really well. I was very surprised about this EP because I never knew that the guys ever had an EP much less their very first recordings as a group from 1998. Are there anymore EP's and rarities from the guys I should look out for in the stores?

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I's a gem. I didn't buy a hardcopy because they're not particularly rare thanks to the rerelease and I prefer the trouble single remake of bros + sisters, but only sperstition is brilliant, and while many don't like easy to please, it's so deliciously proggy with the recurring voices...the put mics next to a wetroad to get some of the effects. unique if, anything for coldplay at least.

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