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Prospekt's March EP will STILL happen despite release of Lost! EP


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Band say they will release an EP of new material after 'Lost!'


Despite Coldplay announcing the release of a digital EP for November, a spokesperson for the band has told NME.COM that they will still release another EP of new material in 2008.


Earlier this month Chris Martin said his band would release an EP of new material entitled 'Prospects March' before 2008 ends.


Yesterday (September 30) the band announced that they would release 'Lost!' – a digital-only EP headed up by the title track, which appears on their recent album 'Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends', on November 10.


Coldplay's spokesperson has since told NME.COM that despite the announcement of the 'Lost!' EP, 'Prospects March' will still be released before the year is over.



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AWESOME! I figured they'd still release both, but it's great to have confirmation. I sent a question to the Oracle asking the same thing yesterday...


If you combine these two EPs, it'll almost be like getting an entire new album (depending on how many songs are on Prospekt's March)! I hope they perform a few of the new songs at my concert on Halloween... in August they didn't play anything unreleased.

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Newsreel: Prospekt's March EP release date revealed

October 7, 2008 3:49 pm

New EP and album version coming in November


Good afternoon. We're pleased to be able to confirm the release date of both the Prospekt's March EP and the special version of the album containing the EP's eight tracks, which will be called Viva La Vida Prospekt’s March Edition. The dates are as follows (the EP and the album are released on the same day in each country)...


Wednesday 19th November - Japan, Sweden (digitally on 21st)

Friday 21st November - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Norway, South Africa

Saturday 22nd November - Australia

Monday 24th November - UK, rest of the world

Tuesday 25th November - USA, Canada, Spain


The Lost! digital bundle will still be released on November 10th worldwide. The tracklisting for that is as follows...


1. Lost! (album version)

2. Lost? (acoustic version)

3. Lost@ (live at Chicago)

4. Lost+ (with added Jay-Z)





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