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Mystery Guest Guitarist


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Eh? :confused:



Bobby Davro on joining EastEnders



Bobby Davro has arrived in Albert Square as Vinnie Monks. We caught up with with him to find out how he's settling in to Walford.


What sort of character is Vinnie?



He’s a bit of a charmer, with a lot of old-fashioned values. He’s one for politeness and good manners and he treats women nicely. He’s not the sort of bloke that would do anyone an injustice.


What makes him tick?


He hasn’t got a tick! Seriously though, something about Shirley fascinates him. He’s a bit of a womaniser, Vinnie, and she’s a real hard nut to crack. I think that’s what appeals to him. They’ve got a chemistry, and even though I’ve been doing it only a few weeks, I have a lovely chemistry with Linda who plays Shirley.

Do you think he’s got a chance with Shirley?


At the moment he’s got more chance of being handcuffed to a ghost. In the future the invitation comes up, but he does the honourable thing. He’s very much the gentleman.

Vinnie’s been compared to Alfie Moon, do you think they're alike?



A little bit maybe. Shane and I are big pals, we go back 20 years. We have the same sort of background and that’s probably why comparisons are being made. I don’t like that idea because Shane was such a good asset to the show. It puts a lot of pressure on me.


Are you enjoying playing Vinnie?


I love the part and I’m learning. I’m still trying not to look straight at the camera, that’s the entertainer in me! He gave me some great advice Shane, he told me to listen to the other actors and to learn your lines properly. That has helped so far.

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Here's the bit from the blog:


It's another very boomy arena in Bologna, which once again brings out the RAWK! in soundcheck. Back In Black gets another rollicking run through, which morphs into 136. I'm not sure I've heard that one since they did it in Reykjavik in 2002 with Tim from Ash on guitar. Also this afternoon, comes another run through of Glass of Water. Today sees another rather interesting additional guitar player join the camp for this track. The chorus on this one is pretty monstrous. It seems to fit huge echo-y arenas perfectly. It's rocky and it's joyous and it expresses a band at the top of their game very well I think...

This brings us to Milan. Glass of Water gets another airing, again with mystery extra band member

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