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The Mareko & Rolly thread <3

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haha, i'm pretty proud of myself too!

'cause i know some people just go totally nuts during the final driving exam but i just kept it coool and controlled the situation :cool3:


I tried to drive our car earlier today too and damn i just can't drive it yet :disappointed:

I guess i've gotta go drive around just to see how that car works mwah. But it makes me feel like a loser bah!



Thank god there's love in the air so that i can survive with these problems :heart:

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I was gone for a few days and this is the big suprise i get? :blush:


This is the best day of my life!!

I also got my driving license today by the way :dance: :dance:



our little rolly is growing up :bigcry:


congrats :D


now you can drive to Mareko's house :wink3:






because you belong to me

not swallowed in the sea:love:










awwwwwww you guys are the cutest couple ever! :blush:

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omg:laugh4: Im still in contact with Reg though




because Im 18 today









































What are you going to give me as present? :wink3:






































































Beatles picture totally ruins this thread:bigcry:

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