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The arrrgggghhh 10 more days til the tour kicks off again thread [2008]


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jen you are so kind, i have pics downloaded in my computer that i want to upload here. i did it back in june with the help of my geek squad friend who is now i Dublin. i need to go take a class and stop complaining. i will figure it out, its probably a right click thing i'm not getting. its not a copy and paste thing either, i have mastered that by now. sorry off topic. i know i have to use some upload buttons. Thanks!! i know i have to figure it out by the next concert 14 days!!!!!

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ooooooh!!! I can answer this one :D


direct upload is disabled. the easiest way is to pick a site like Flickr or Photobucket, create an account and then upload your photos there. then its just a question of copying & pasting the address of the photo into img tags here.


thats one of the few techy things i can do :lol:

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Chicago...the most wonderful two days...


Here's some pics from both nights:














And of course...can't leave these out:













And the most awesome piece of video footage shot by Ebs757 (Mike):


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37tH-f_LgA4]YouTube - Coldplay- Yellow Chicago 7/22/08[/ame]


And finally, I'll never forget Chris's face as he came up from the bow and saw our Phil is Hot banner. His eyes went wide and I could see his lips saying OH MY GOD...fortunately he thought it was funny and someone shot this pic:




sigh...come on November!



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well till now what ever i've this year with Coldplay i am myself very happy about it.:)

I am a girl from India living in US when i was in India i never ever thought that atleast i'll see Coldplay or Chris live.But after i got married and came to US it reversed my dreams into reality.:shocked2:I never expected that in the first starting year only i started to see them i'll be able to see them at a time in 6 shows.


I was able to see them for the first time at Today show in NY,in this show Chris smiled,waved and looked me and came back and i am able to see him very close and my hubby touched him.That's a big thing for me.:)


Second at Wachovia Center Philadelphia show i was there in July this year Chris waved and looked in my direction again many times.:)Again i am happy.


Now today i'll go for SNL in NY,next NJ 2 shows and Philly 1 show in 1 week.

I'll flood this forum with my reviews...:)


just wait and watch..what's gonna happen in a week...:)

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