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Kinder Bueno... White?


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I havn't said much for a while, so I thought I'd return with some exquisite-chocolate-related spamming. So by all means, you can ignore this thread and let it die, because its completely unimportant and trivial :P


Well i was wondering around my local shop today, picking up all the necessary items on my list (pringles, lasagne, pasta sauce etc), and having about £1 left over in change I decided to quickly check out the chocolate section next to the till. Basically, this was pretty much a bad decision, because i would end up picking up the latest version of the Kinder Bueno chocolate bar... the white chocolate version. Now I'm a sucker for anything white chocolate, and I absolutely love the original kinder buenos, so turning this down would be like turning down a plate of melted cheese-coated Paprika pringles (like the nachos you get in pizza hut, but with pringles), and i have yet to try this, but i'm betting its basically the best thing ever. Anyway. :inquisitive:


Here's what it looks like:



So I got home, unwrapped the packaging, and took a bite.

Oh my god :dead:


I didn't think kinder bueno could get any better. But it looks like it just did, in my opinion. So now its pretty much my favourite chocolate bar of all time, and i'm probably going to get addicted. I'm just wondering whether anyone else here likes them as much as I do :P


And I don't CARE if these are being branded as girly-type chocolate... I mean what the hell? Seeing as they're pretty much the BEST CHOCOLATE BARS EVER (for around 50p, at least), i don't see how gender has anything to do with it :dozey:


Anyway, I'll add a poll, so you can vote for your favourite Kinder Bueno bar :D

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