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An amateur review from a professional coldplay fan....


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Hey guys, Im going to show you what ranks X & Y with the others like AROBTTH and Parachutes and Viva. People say it was their worst? I disagree and here's why:


"Square One" - A rich, color-filled, upbeat song, full of life and wonder. It sets the mood for the album, hinting at an album that is filled with wonder and delight throughout. A great way to start the album.


"What If" - An awesome, melancholy song, reminiscent of AROBTTH, with a mixture of the X & Y sound of distortion and electronica. It is filled with Martin’s beautiful falsetto, which gives it the feeling of something new with memories from before. Wonderful song.


“White Shadows” - The true meaning of X & Y, giving us a feeling of reflection with that distortion-like sounding guitar riff. A song that gives us a want to think and reflect on things bigger than us. It has wonderful depth in it, making it material to be one of Coldplay’s more favorite songs.


“Fix You”- An anthem-like song, full of depth that may represent a colorful shades of life that every single person on this planet goes through. It gives meaning to many of our lives. The beautiful melody gives way to a chorus-filled anthem that makes my spine tingle. Awesome song, one of their best ever.


“Talk” – A tremendously reflective piece of music, showing the true colors of the band’s feelings. To me, it reflects the troubles of people to communicate with each other, showing that one day all will be well. The middle section is filled with a spacey, atmospheric sounding guitar, increasing the want to think about life. The lyrics are very reminiscent of the past works of the band. Another great piece of work.


“X & Y” – One of the most peaceful, meaningful songs on the album. Though the title says otherwise, it is the closest to the AROBTTH and Parachutes, lyrically. The orchestra in the background gives way to a peaceful setting and the guitar makes the listener feel like they’re “floating on a tidal way together” and “drifting into outer space” with the band. The guitar solo in the middle reminds me of the solo in Talk, but has its own color and depth. Spine-tingling.


“Speed of Sound” – A song that goes back to the musical basics of the success of AROBTTH (“Clocks”). It gives us the feeling of the raw X & Y lyrical thoughtfulness that “Clocks” has. The lyrics and atmospheric sound creates the image of painting a picture of surfing the waves of space and time. One of the best pieces of art by Coldplay.


“A Message” – A song based off a Christian hymn. It mixes the feel of the religious power with the feel of the atmospheric thoughtfulness. Though it is not something that sounds like its from a Christian rock band, it has enough that it creates a new X & Y sound within the album. The acoustic guitar at the beginning gives a feel of AROBTTH. One-of-a-kind.


“Low” – A Piece full of distortion within both the music and lyrics. It creates a feeling of X & Y- like distortion. We don’t see this anywhere else on the album. The change of tone and feel near he end of the song reminds us of “Politik”, yet hidden within the distortion and pop of X & Y. It reminds us that Coldplay can expand their view of music through what they create. Awesome song.


“The Hardest Part” – A piano-driven piece that cannot be compared to any song before. It is different from anything they’ve done musically. Lyrically, it is a mixture of X & Y and Parachutes, especially with the line “Silver line in the clouds” and “The hardest part was lettin’ go, not taking part.” Creates a mood of what is to come in the future of the band.


“Swallowed In The Sea” – A song that reflects a beautiful mixture of X & Y and Parachutes, with the lyrics and musicality creating a numerous selection of colors that the listener can choose. It is a song that fits any mood of any person, creating a very versatile song. Martin’s vocals and Buckland’s guitar teardrops create a mood of remorse and kindness. Awesome song.


“Twisted Logic” – This is the song on the album that contains the most raw, ripe representation of the X & Y sound. With the mixture of contrasting chords and distortion and addition of smooth chords from the electric machines creates a sound and feel that is, once again, a reflection of X & Y, especially with the line “You’ll go backwards, but then, you’ll go forwards again.” A Crazy GOOO song.


“Till Kingdom Comes” – A song that most resembles the sound of the last two albums, mixed with the lyrical feel of a mixture of X & Y and AROBTTH. It creates the ending tone for the album, a tone of farewell, yet a small silver lining of coming back. They create a beautiful song that represents what they are all about. Awesome song.


“How You See The World (Bonus)” – A good song that has the feel of X & Y, yet feels like a transition into Viva La Vida. It creates the mood for listeners that makes them feel the beginning of the revolutionary sound and reform of Viva La Vida. A creative song with many colors.


Now that you have my insight on X & Y, your opinion may change, or strengthen in sturdiness. But I know for myself that this album stands up there with the other albums as being great. It has a different sound, a different side of Coldplay, that is vaguely familiar, but new and revolutionary at the same time. Sorry if it’s a little too amateur. Hope you all enjoyed this. Thanks. ;)

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I've thought since day one that X&Y stood up excellently with their previous work. Its a good album with a slightly different flavor than their first two. It got no complaints from me. Viva gets far more critiques from me and everyone else I know.

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I agree it gets a bad rap, and is really an excellent album, but I doubt a complimentary description of the songs will change anyone's mind. I have my own disagreements like with what if(a stereotypical piano ballad with some weak lyrics and not a particularly interesting or unique arrangement), fix you(despite the crescendo, it's one of the few moments that I've been truly annoyed by Chris's vocals with that irritating falsetto).

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yes I think people underrate x and y, it's an excellent album but I still think its not their best. For me the best is a rush of blood to the head, although you can't compare exactly the albums because all of them have a different sound and meaning, while x and y is a bit more electronical and mainstream the other two have a more acoustic feeling, specialy parachutes.

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