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Viva La Vida book for Guitar Solos.


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thanks a lot man!! I'll have a look.

I tabbed Lovers in Japan this week....mixing the guitar and synth parts....I love it.


dank je wel!


hmmm...I just had a look...is it also possible for you to tab the complete songs??

Maybe I can tab out my Lovers in Japan version....I'll have to see...bye the way, what program do you use to create these music-scriptures?

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Just got to looking through this, and while the notes seem pretty much right, most of the songs don't seem to correspond with the way jonny plays it, the most prominent examples being violet hill and chinese sleep chant. While you have most of the CSC solo played on the B-string, live, jonny plays much of it on the higher G-string frets as seen here... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I54_OY3xMY]YouTube - Coldplay - Chinese Sleep Chant (live in Amsterdam)[/ame]

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Indeed, but the way the book is is how I play it.


I don't want to copy exact what Jonny plays.

The notes are good, not the place where it been played, but the notes.

I added the open E string to make it intenser.

This string is probably not played at the original version by Jonny, but it is in the chords Chris plays.

And maybe it is played as Jonny does on the record, we enver know what should be perfectly correct.


Violet Hill is how it is on the record.

You hear double notes in the solo, thats why I added the 9th on the dropped D because the sound of it is in the record. ;)

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