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I need help...

I'd install the Adobe Flash Player's new version, but it doesn't work:(... I've got Windows Vista Home Basic, can anybody tell me what to do? I'm shore that I have it installed because it appears on the "Installed Programs"... but everytime I open some web page that needs to use Flash Player... "to view this page you need to have installed Flash Player 8 or above"... like youtube stuff and that...

Please, any help will be appreciated;)

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I have Vista as well and it does it on mine as well . Ive tried a stack of ways to fix it (including hacking the registry) but gave up - I now use Firefox when I need flash (like Youtube) . Sorry it not a great deal of help , I think the problem is to do with the User Account Control (I`ll also ignore any puerile IE baiting to use Firefox all the time)

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