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Briggins Presents: Albums of 2008 you need to hear UPDATED DEC. 2nd!!


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Albums so far:

Hey Rosetta! (see below)

City and Colour

Tokyo Police Club








Who: Hey Rosetta!


Album: Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood)


Why: This album is something fresh and different. Incorporating a multitude of instruments like the violin and cello fused together with alternative rock songs to create a sonic explosion that makes you want to sing, dance, and cry at the same time. Each note and word is sung with passion and beauty.

Oh it also helps that they're from Newfoundland.


Where: The full album is streaming on their website http://www.heyrosetta.com


Songs to check out:

I've Been Asleep for a Long Long Time

There's An Arc

Red Heart

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Sure! That would be great.


I'll be adding lots of "blurbs" in this thread, so maybe just link the one post directly.


I was amazed by them this weekend. Jenni, the girl I was with, ended up liking them more than Stars. I wanted to here There's An Arc again on Sunday since that song has so much energy live.

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