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Lovers in Japan on radio!


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I don't know about other territories, but Lost! didn't get much radio play/push as a single here in Australia. However, I've heard Lovers in Japan TWICE today on radio- which is a very good sign.


Seems like LIJ might make up for the lack of Lost! support as a single.


(And yes I know that it hasn't been offically released a single until this week, but still...)

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well i dnt really listen to radio that much..

but i do know that everytime i went shopping there will be coldplay songs in shops!

and i'll just pretend like i'm browsing the clothes when i was actually listening to the songs..:P

though i have all the songs in my ipod..i dnt know why it feels good to listen to those songs in public places...maybe it's just me :P

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God, I love Tim Tams.


What are Tim Tams?


I heard Viva La Vida on the radio and I was like "MUM SHUT UP!!" because it was the drive home from school and she was talking and I like listening to it because it makes me feel happy.


I also tell my family to shut up when a Coldplay song comes on the radio! :laugh3: The song makes me feel happy too. The first time I heard it, I had a massive smile on my face and nothing's changed despite hearing it countless times.



And to get back on topic, it's great that Lovers In Japan has been heard on the radio in Australia.

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