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fun fact about alicia keys x jack white "another way to die"


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fun fact: the song "another way to die" which was made for the theme song for quantum of solace which is sang by alicia keys and jack white was originally supposed to be mark ronson and amy winehouse.


Not quite true. They were working on their own Bond theme, but it wasn't Another Way To Die. Apparently, whenever a new Bond film is due, loads of artists will often submit tracks and one gets picked. It's not always the case that an artist is "picked" to do it (I believe Leona Lewis was working on something for this one too). Ronson & Winehouse did demo some stuff in the studio but things didn't work out due to Amy's "issues"

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"It was supposed to be Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse…that woulda been sick. "


thats from someone that talks to ronson and is in the allido offices in nyc alot.


well that could mean that it was supposed to be them doing the bond theme?

"Another Way To Die" was written and composed by jack white as nathan has said...and he wouldn't have gave it to amy & mark to do...


and their was only a chance of them doing the bond theme....and luckily they didn't get that chance...

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I heard Ricky from The Kaiser Chiefs talking about it. Ronson played him the stuff from the abandonned sessions and Ricky said it was a perfect Bond theme.


I actually really like Amy Winehouse's music, it's heartbreaking to watch someone fall apart like that. I'm a huge fan of Mark Ronson, and I reckon their attempt could have been spectacular.


I like the Jack White/Alicia Keys song, and it is quite Bond-like, but I think Winehouse & Ronson could've been better. Maybe if she sorts herself out they can give it a go next time...

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