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I've missed you guys!


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Thanks. It's great to have some time to talk to you, you have no idea. :D




Heya. :nice: Lots of work, eh? Know the feeling.


Just think, too soon, and it will all be over for forever.


Yes yes, LOTS of work. A million college applications and essays plus school work and clubs on top of that. It's bitterweet; I'm ready to graduate but I almost cried when the first term ended. This year's going by too fast!

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hey jenika! we missed you!


boy, do i know about stressful senior years. i hope yours goes better than mine did :D.


what colleges did you apply to??


Hey! :D

I'm applying to:

1. William and Mary

2. Virginia Tech

3. University of Richmond

4. Old Domininon University

5. Washington and Lee

6. Columbia

7. University of Chicago


The first 5 are in Virginia, I would like to stay in the state but Ireeeally want to got to Columbia or Chicago too. So many choices!


Jenika, I missed you.

You're the only one who ever commented on my woes and the like.


I've missed you too, Emily! :nice: I liked commenting on your woes, the were actually legit. Not like the "OMG, he didn't call me back!" stuff I get a lot.

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Gleetings Jenika! Keep those admissions sharp - you might like Chicago - it's a great place, and the University there is top-notch in many area, most notably Archeology. What's your field of interest?? Virginia - I lived there once, but I only know The University in Charlotte just a bit. Great Architecture - but otherwise, I haven't a clue as to their curriculum vitae. Thomas Jefferson's designs, and so it looks really neat..

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Thanks! I really want to get out into and open and diverse city-- come onn Chicago! :uhoh: Let me in!

*Edit* I forgot! I want to study either French, English or Biology. Or all three. :D



Funny thing is, I think I'm about to have that woe or something like it. :uhoh:



Hahaha, me too. :P There's this boyyy, and you know how that goes. Hahaha

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