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Shows you watch now


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*bump this to entertainment if need be*

*and if theres a thread for this. sorry, but i was too lazy to check- ha ha*


Okay shows I watch now, on a weekly basis.


Greys Anatomy- yeps, love this show

One tree hill

South park

Gossip girl- though I missed alot of episodes so im confused

Life on Mars


Most the shows they show on lifetime- Reba, golden girls, fraiser, will and grace etc

and Nick at nite*I watch tv when im going to bed*


Shows I watch online or on dvd.

Peep show- This is probably one of my favorite tv shows. I own season one- wish i could own the others but its not on region one:(

Flight of the conchords




So people, what shows do you watch now?

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*points at avi*


Plus Lost, House, gave up on Heroes :disappointed:, watching the occasional bit of Fringe, and The Hour when I can catch it.


And then Flight of the Concords, Spaced, Hotel Babylon, and the real Life on Mars when the cable channels care to drop in a random rerun or two.

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