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i'm going to find you haha.


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holly shit i jut made $125+ with that serch link in my other post! wooh!


ok guys you can too.

well you know this people search page here that i showed you in my "I'm gonna find you" post below somewhere http://JBPeopleSearch.ws


well i went looking for one that serches aussies cos obviously i'm not in america.


and this page came up and seriously READ IT you'll thank me :D




did you read it?...good now you'll know what i'm talking about


well i signed up (lol why not)

the first step is so easy

had a few troubles with step two (but it's best to sign up with these people it's got an amazing refferal program WebSite.ws/jbpeoplesearch)

Tissa fixed my problem.

step 3 is easy cos Tissa advertises for you!


AND you get $125 right off through him advertsing you through the big names :)


here's a print screen of my money and i'm making more!






i'm not scamming anyone here.

trust me, like most people i've spent a great deal of time figuring out if there is an easy way to make money online so i was naturally sceptical lol.


i haven't paid a cent and if it proves to be worth it i'm gonna continue. one guy makes $200 a day through this so i better start getting it out there lol.

i'm just passing on my find :D

if you need help with the steps i can help if you like:)

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yeh well i guess but he's not selling you any book or get quick scams most of the sites have nothing to do with him he's just laid out nice and neatly to people how it's possible and obviously if you want to make lots of $$$$ you gotta put some effort in to get it out there but he's doing most of your advertising for you which would cost you $$ if you did it yourself with google etc.


i'll let you guys know how much i make in a week or so :)

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:inquisitive: Looks like some sort of variation of a pyramid scheme to me. Those never end well.


You do realize you just broadcasted your ip address there?



i didn't give any bank details or anything like that i'm not that silly.


that's not my ip, it's someone who's joining hopefully and i get $5 when they complete step 1 and more if they complete step 2 and 3.

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