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Absolute Radio: Coldplay - The Documentary


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Just heard an advert on Absolute Radio for Coldplay - The Documentary. Can't see anything on their site about it. From the advert it seems to centre around the trip to Munich that they did in the summer. I don't remember too much as I was reading something else at the time, but think its on next week.


If Ben or Tim pops in, maybe they'll fill us in a bit more, please? :D

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wait.... so we have no idea when this is happening??? :lol:


very soon.


you'll all have to listen to Absolute (still listed as Virgin UK on the Coldplaying Toolbar) & wait for the ad. then you'll be able to tell me what's going on :D

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It's already available in the absolute radio website! :dance:


"Absolute Coldplay Documentary

There's no denying that Coldplay are one of the biggest bands in the world right now.


From their formation in 1998, within ten years they have reached the dizzying heights of playing sold-out arena tours. Highly-respected musicians fall over themselves to work with the band and they have brought awareness to many charitable programs. What can't Coldplay do?!


One for the big music fans; we've put this documentary together to chart the journey of Coldplay. We'll be putting up a part each day this week, so stay tuned!"


You can here part 1 and 2 here

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This just in from Absolute Radio, if its already been posted then please ignore :)




The documentary will be on Absolute Radio between 7pm and 10pm on Sunday, along with a re-airing of the Coldplay in Munich concert, which you can also hear in full here:



And finally! We have some archive session tracks from Coldplay that you can hear here:


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