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SO i've been banned from my usual forum.


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So i shall grace your lovely coldplaying presence. I hope you all to be joyous and cheer for my return to your shores.



P.S true story my aunty saw Coldplay recently and said it was the best gig ever. I've since then disowned her as a family member.



So what gives around here? Is everyone happy? Bought your Christmas gifts? I had a mince pie for breakfast. Yum yum.

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OMG 1000 and i didn't even realise. Momentous occasion or what!?! Wow and i've been a member for 1.5 years. So crazyduckette, who are the random men in your avatar and sig. One looks like Manu Chao with that hat on with the dangly strings.


Also who is the Jonny you speak of in your sig?


Where do you live in England and how is your life? Are you at Uni?

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Well i live in England yes. I do Economics up North at Lancaster and stuff. Is it Chris Martin in your Av? It could be him or your older brother, i really wouldn't know the difference. If it is him, who's the other man? The drummer? The other guitarist?




I don't even know how many members are in Coldplay, thinking about it.

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