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The coffee appreciation thread.


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i aint british!!! :/ but teeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;) :P mmmmmmmm ima gonna put on the kettle-hey maw get of the dang roof and turn on the kettle!!! ;)


Irish people drink even more tea than Brits. :P

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:D aaahh....claro..gracias amiga




va a (can never get verb tenses right!) V festival ey? excellente! yo tambien! Voy a Chelmsford- CP!!


Hey hey hey, better spanish everyday!! :D

Yeah, I also go to V-fest, but I'll go to Stafford... I hope you enjoy it, Greg (I'm sure you'll do...) :P

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yeah marvin it's all we seem to do!!!!that and supposidly drink guinness although i'm not a fan of the stuff :confused: :P


Haha I've not heard that one, and the one person I know who worships Guiness is Scottish.


The whole thing about coffee keeping you awake is bullshit, though. *yawn*

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