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12 Coldplay Months Of 2008: AUGUST (Five EP Hints)


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July Spills Into August After Flurry Of Interviews


The end of July / start of August was one of the busiest couple of days in the Coldplay 2008 calendar so far with three interviews and the release of the new Viva La Vida video. We had to post a review of the eTalk, Much Music and 102.1 The Edge interviews.


'Viva La Vida' Video(s) Released!


The Viva La Vida music videos appeared via the official Coldplay site. There were 2 versions:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvgZkm1xWPE]YouTube - Coldplay - Viva La Vida[/ame] | [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4mleOmhyTY]YouTube - Coldplay - Viva La Vida alternative video version (Made in The Hague/Netherlands)[/ame]


You all let everyone else know what you thought of the videos here and also voted for your favourite in the video poll!


Coldplay vs Radiohead: Brit band beat-down


Recently asked how much he paid to download Radiohead’s pay-what-you-want release “In Rainbows,” Martin explained he dropped 10 British pounds three separate times trying to get the album onto his hard drive. Finally, he gave up and bought the vinyl. “But I don’t mind,” he said. “I owe Radiohead a bit more than 30 pounds. Let’s face it. We owe them a career, really.”


Why Radiohead is the past: Radiohead, what have you done for me lately? Oh, right, you released “In Rainbows”- one of the coolest albums of last year. Yet it’s not the coolest.


There was a time when a Radiohead release was a shoo-in for album of the year. But lately the band isn’t as exciting as it once was. Compare anything off “In Rainbows” to “Airbag,” “I Might Be Wrong” or even Coldplay-template “Fake Plastic Trees.”


Why Coldplay is the future: Coldplay’s success attracts armies of haters. And it doesn’t help that Chris Martin has that wussy falsetto, a superhot wife and a kid named after the world’s most prosaic fruit. But Coldplay hasn’t given up the dream of transcending today’s pop into timeless rock art.


Purportedly the band’s “experimental” album, “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends” doesn’t tinker too much with Coldplay’s established, superpopular, nonthreatening style. But there are amazing moments. “42” begins as a typical Martin piano ballad before crashing into an “Airbag” burst of jagged guitar and angry strings; salvation comes with a bright, upbeat, totally anti-Coldplay (and Radiohead) bridge.


Hints At New Coldplay EP


Coldplay's Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland appeared on Canadian TV programme eTalk and confirmed that the band had finished working on some songs that would be released in EP format sometime in March next year. It was actually released 5 months too early... in November!




Jonny Buckland: "I'm enjoying this tour more than I've enjoyed any"


Coldplay.com caught up with Jonny Buckland before the second Toronto show: The full article was posted here but here's a quick excerpt:


Hi Jonny, how are you?

I'm good, thanks.


How's the tour going?

Really well actually. From it starting at Madison Square Garden - well I suppose that wasn't really a start so much as a false start - it's gone really well. The shows have been getting better and better, I think. I hope so, anyway.


Does that tend to happen?

Yeah. But we didn't start from quite as bad a place as we have done in the past. Normally it takes us about 25 shows to get anywhere near good. But I feel like this time we've started a bit better than we usually do.


It sounds like the show has changed quite a lot since you did the live rehearsal for friends and family at Wembley Arena.

That was pretty duff, so I hope so! We've changed things around quite a bit since then.


Who do the changes come from? Do the band sit down after a gig?

Yeah, we sit down with Dave and Phil after the first few gigs and say, "Where did it work and where didn't it work?" And we talk to people who've been there. It's one thing for us to say how it felt, but it's quite another for somebody who was actually watching.




‘We Ripped Off Blur’ Say Coldplay


Chris Martin admitted that ‘Sing’, a song that featured on Blur’s debut album ‘Leisure’, was the first song to provide inspiration during the making of new album ‘Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends’. “Sing was the first song we plagiarised for the new album”, said Chris.


The revelation came as Coldplay took over DJ duties for Xfm’s weekly Residency slot. During the hour-long show, the band professed a love for German industrial nutters Rammstein, A-ha (“One of our formative influences”, Chris Martin) and admitted Beyonce was better than Muse, The Strokes, Arcade Fire and Coldplay put together: “[The Strokes] are the classic band of our generation. And I would argue for Muse as well. And Arcade Fire. And that’s just the boys! Beyonce’s better than all of us”, said the frontman.


As for their DJ experience, Chris wasn’t quite as effusive: “I hope you’re enjoying the songs because these links aren’t very good.”


Coldplay Tour in Full Swing


Coldplay’s new tour was in full 'strawberry swing' and all the little worries and glitches had been ironed out a little. You took a slice of the action so far, by downloading the Philly gig that aired. Here was a review from the Hartford show:


HARTFORD - Whether playing center stage, playing on the two side ramps that stretched into the crowd or playing a mini-acoustic set way in the back of the arena, Coldplay lived up to all the hype it's been getting these days and totally conquered the capacity crowd Saturday night at the XL Center.


The band offered plenty of dazzling eye candy throughout its 90-minute performance, from laser lights and floating video globes to showers of confetti butterflies, which all added to the aura. Ultimately, though, it was the music that proved most captivating and which could have held up on its own even without all the glitz and effects.


Charismatic lead singer Chris Martin, guitarist Johnny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion are on the road, riding the wave of their chart-topping album "Viva La Vida," which sold in excess of 720,000 copies in the first week after its release in June. It debuted at No. 1 in 36 countries. Those numbers alone provide ample evidence as to why The British quartet is arguably the biggest band in the world at the moment. But popularity is typically accompanied by intense scrutiny, haters and cynics, and Coldplay has endured its share of detractors during the past several years. But it's safe to say that few were in attendance Saturday as the band went overboard in reaching out to its devoted fans.


Dressed in militaristic garb, the group opened with the march-like instrumental "Life in Technicolor," before a dynamic "Violet Hill," and then the propulsive "Clocks," which rode on Martin's irresistible piano riff. The singer split his time between guitar and piano throughout the night, turning in a passionate vocal on "In My Place," while the crowd sang along. The intensity built with a roaring rendition of "Viva La Vida," which featured Champion on timpani, but the pacing proved briefly problematic as one of the night's few disappointments followed in Martin's lower octave Eastern-tinged "Yes."


Intricate and lyrically intriguing, "42," featured the sweat-drenched Martin at his best, singing with passion, before the beautifully melodic "Fix You," which also showcased some outstanding work from guitarist Buckland. After "Strawberry Swing," the four hurried to the end of the ramp on the right side of the stage for two songs, drawing shrieks from the crowd, especially during "God Put a Smile Upon our Face."


Back on the main stage, Martin showed his unpredictable side when he stopped the relatively obscure "The Hardest Part," rather suddenly. "I don't think that's a big enough hit to play on a Saturday night in Hartford," he said to laughter from the crowd, before leading the band into its breakthrough single "Yellow," which once again found the audience singing loudly against the surging rhythm.


After "Lost!" they retreated to play briefly in the far corner in the back of the XL Center, spinning through a strong take of "The Scientist," off of 2002's "A Rush of Blood to the Head," and the rarity "Death Will Never Conquer," which featured Champion on lead vocals. A brief interlude followed and with Coldplay back center stage they turned up the energy and brought the concert to a powerful climax with highlights that included a drum-pounding "Politik," "Lovers in Japan," which featured the shower of confetti, and a rockin' finale "Death and All His Friends."




Razorlight's Johnny Borrell Blasts Coldplay's New Military Look


Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell had no interest in copying Coldplay when the band come back with a new look for their next album, according to reports.


Coldplay's distressed military look, which they adopted for their latest album 'Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends', has been the subject of much debate. And Borrell, who spent the last Razorlight album dressed in all-white, says he has no interest in the image. “Nah, it would be too much like when Coldplay came back in those weird suits,” he told the Daily Star.


Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher was never out of the Coldplay-hating news. He said: "I can still have it drinking or whatever. But yeah, I’ve mellowed, but not in the sense of liking Radiohead or Coldplay. I don’t hate them. I don’t wish they had accidents. I think their fans are boring and ugly and they don’t look like they’re having a good time."


Liam doesn’t like any contemporary bands. “Not interested. I play the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, Neil Young, the Pistols. Maybe a bit of the Roses. Don’t like modern bands. Topman music, innit?”


Coldplay and Alicia Keys team up at Summer Sonic festival


Coldplay were joined onstage by Alicia Keys, who played piano on 'Clocks' as the band closed the final night of Japanese festival Summer Sonic (August 10). Introducing her on stage before 'Clocks', Martin said that Keys was, "the most beautiful woman in the world… except for my wife".


Throughout the performance, frontman Chris Martin displayed an admirable - if slightly questionable, grammatically speaking - level of Japanese, communicating with the crowd in their native tongue at almost any opportunity. After 2005 single 'Speed of Sound', he performed a solo, piano-rendition of a song by Japan's most famous pop band, SMAP, eliciting a breathtakingly loud response from the surprised audience.




Simon Pegg Blanks Coldplay On Xfm




The Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz star snubbed Coldplay during their second Residency show on Xfm. “He probably doesn’t like us”, said Chris.


Simon Pegg refused to take Coldplay’s calls as the band attempted to “raise the comedy levels” on their second Residency show. Chris Martin, Johnny Buckland and Guy Berryman tried calling the Brit star as one of the band’s own jokes – something about two Nuns and a bar of soap - fell flat. Musing on why Pegg didn’t pick up, Chris said, “He probably doesn’t like us anymore”. The Mirror are currently blowing this feud up to an even more ridiculous proportion than us…


In more half news, drummer Will Champion’s absence was described by Chris Martin thus: “Will’s not here because he doesn’t really like us any more. He never really did”. This earth shattering statement was followed by an admission of undying love for Depeche Mode, who Martin said, “in our eyes [are] so brilliant we can’t even begin to describe it”


During the hour long show, the band rattled through songs by Klaxons, Tinariwen and ‘Caruso’ by Pavarotti which Chris said would “bring tears to your eyes”. He wasn’t wrong. The band also skilfully introduced each other and kept the exceptionally entertaining hour cruising along nicely. Xfm bosses are currently praying that the music industry implodes spectacularly so they can offer Coldplay a regular slot on their schedules.


In the third eventful part of Coldplay’s Xfm Residency, Simon Pegg once again dodged the world’s biggest band’s phone calls. Admitting they “didn’t have great radio personalities, but have buckets of enthusiasm and passion”, Coldplay tried calling the star to add spice to their show.


Chris Martin, Guy Berryman and Johnny Buckland were forced to leave a message on the actor’s voicemail as fears grew that the feud between these former friends was worsening. “Simon! it’s Chris and Guy And Johnny”, said the frontman. “We’re on radio again and there’s no answer. We’re looking stupid on radio. I thought we were friends.”


Martin seemed so crestfallen by the snub, he sunk to new levels of desperation: “We might call Will Champion our drummer. Maybe he’ll talk to us.”


The Coldplay Messenger: 'A New Dawn In News Reporting'


Coldplay released their souvenir first edition of the Coldplay Messenger, the all-new publication which delivered the latest Coldplay happenings to you, wherever you might have been (via email anyway). Coldplay said, "Think of us as being like a friend who knows quite a lot about that band you like and who gets in touch every couple of weeks telling you what they've been up to, only you don't have to reply saying 'thanks mate, how are things with you?'."


In the first edition, Coldplay reported on downloading Death Will Never Conquer for free, a busy Coldplay.com round up including The Oracle and Roadie #42 launches, the two videos for Viva La Vida, and an important new competition to win a signed album. (They stopped short of including their link to the horrific 'Especially For You' Kylie and Jason video).




Matt's memoirs... An excerpt from a Coldplay roadie's book


August also saw for the very first time an excerpt from a Coldplay Roadie book, yet with a release date (now expected on 1st May 2009!!). Here's a little something from page whatever:


A few things from that first journey up north have really stuck, particularly the picture of Chris horsing around and hoofing a ball about at a service station car park. He seemed like a big puppy, full of fun and sort of slapstick, with an immediately infectious aura that appeared to be turned up to eleven at all times. The lad made everyone on board the tiny bus laugh loads while staying noticeably courteous to the point of even thanking me for playing football with him. Guy, by contrast, gave a brooding first impression but quickly showed himself to be quite jovial and easy-going too. Will appeared solid and cool, while it soon emerged that he could swing from being quietly invisible to volubly engaging with little announcement. And Jonny, who had – and has – an even friendlier face than all the others put together, stood out for me by finding most things I said quite funny.


After a few happy hours on the motorway we finally arrived at Blackpool’s faded and gorgeous Empress Ballroom. The pretty chandeliers and glinting fixtures within its peeling, salty old structure set a sweet scene for our short, support band-length soundcheck; you couldn’t have wished for a better place to hear any group for the first time and even back then it was clear this little gang didn’t have it in them to disappoint. People always ask me whether I really like Coldplay’s music and I have to say that aside from a few tunes here and there I’ve always adored it, uncool or creepish as that may seem. But, as true as it is, I can’t be as objective as I was on that first day when I barely knew them and they were just this odd little handful of ex-students in crap trousers.


Where did Will's Bell end come from?


...from eBay of course! Here's an interview found on eBay Chatter:


Coldplay is one of my favorite bands and is currently touring to promote their new album Viva la Vida. I had the chance to interview drummer Will Champion when they came to San Jose to play at the HP Pavilion.


I asked him if he had ever bought or sold anything on eBay. Here is what he said: "Well, for our new single, Viva La Vida, we needed to find a big bell for me to ring. So we looked on eBay and found an old school bell that we bought. We used it in the studio and we use it during the concerts too. You will see it later on during the show on stage."




Meanwhile, The Oracle suggested that Will Champion’s word was final. Here's the question and answer:


August 21, 2008 - submitted by Andras, Hungary

Q. Who is the boss in the band?

The Oracle replies:

There’s not a boss as such, they all try to make decisions together. If they ever struggle or can’t quite make up their mind, it’s actually Will who tends to have the final say.


Record Label EMI Rubbish Coldplay Leaving Reports


Record label EMI rubbished reports which claimed Coldplay were keen to complete their contract with the major label. A report in the Sun newspaper claimed the band would release a new album within the next year, which would be followed by a greatest hits record. But a spokesman for EMI has denied the “inaccurate” claims, and was quoted as saying: “Coldplay are signed to a long term record deal with EMI and are committed to produce a number of albums.”


And, contrary to the claims in the newspaper, which suggested Coldplay wanted to head out on their own, the spokesperson added: “The band's relationship with EMI is both long-term and positive.”


Coldplay's relationship with EMI had been under the spotlight ever since the record label's 2007 takeover by private equity company Terra Firma.


Will Champion: "Death Fascinates Us"


Will Champion had been speaking to BeQueen.de in London, the interviewer was Sarah Elena Schwerzmann. Translation by Larry:


Will Champion, the new Coldplay album is called "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends." How did you come to this name?

Will Champion: We have only baptized the album "Viva la Vida", because it is a tribute to life itself. At this time we were in Mexico City, where we visited Frida Kahlo's house and encountered this quote. We love Kahlo's art and were speechless in the face of the energy of the house, where the magnificent, expressive colors give a very special atmosphere. At this time we realized that we were too monotonous. We wanted to go away from black and white towards to colour.


And when did you become aware of the fact that on the basis of "Viva la Vida" you would bring inevitably connection with Ricky Martin?

Fortunately, we noticed reactions in our closest environment pretty early. And because we didn't want our fans to believe we would now convert on the musical traces of a latino star, we had to find a solution about this name. Then Chris had the idea to give the album a second name. He adopted it from Shakespeare. He has always given his words double names.




Chris Martin revealed 'sewing' was key to Coldplay's success. Coldplay's thrifty habit has the Mirror in stitches, judging by the article in their online newspaper. It read:


We couldn't help cracking up when we heard Coldplay secret to their success - sewing. They've sold 34.6 million albums and top the rock rich list, but the thrifty lot don't care about their image or waste their wonga on designer threads. Instead, the millionaire rock stars like nothing better than getting behind their sewing machines for a good stitch and bitch. And Chris Martin reckons it's what keeps the group so tight-knit. "Making clothes together in our studio makes us feel complete. We probably sound like a group of grannies in a knitting circle but it's the truth and it gives us some control over our visual identity."


It's certainly an interesting thread to their success. For while other rock 'n' roll bands devour the mini-bar or trash the room while staying in hotels on tour, the clean-living musos seek out the needle and cotton. "We see if they have a sewing kit in the amenities draw in case we feel inspired," says Chris. "When you are a big band and everyone is taking shots at you, the more things you can do together the better.


Oxfam volunteers wanted


Oxfam volunteers were wanted for both European and American shows respectively: Here's what they said about Europe:


Hello. As you know, Coldplay have shows coming up around Europe. Oxfam volunteers have been invited to campaign every step of the way, talking to 100,000s of people about how they can take action to overcome poverty. There are still a few places available for volunteers in Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic and Hungary. You could be one of them. Volunteers receive a free ticket to the show, in return for working hard and spreading the word for about three hours prior to the show. What better way to spend an evening? Join the other dedicated volunteers in doing amazing work to fight poverty, and then watch Coldplay put on an amazing live show! We'll convert your precious time into life-saving work around the world. Oxfam works to overcome poverty and injustice in a variety of ways. The three main streams of this work are Emergency response, Development work and Campaigning for lasting change. Campaigning at music concerts is one way to give people the opportunity to get involved. The Make Trade Fair campaign has previously been hugely successful, when it was on the road with Coldplay. This time out, Oxfam volunteers will be asking Coldplay fans to show their support by making a Health and Education FOR ALL pledge.


Oxfam America, who posted here on Coldplaying to keep us all bang upto date, were also after volunteers to help out at newly announced Coldplay shows in the US:


Wed Oct 29 - Boston, MA - TD Banknorth Gardens

Fri Oct 31 - Washington DC - Verizon Center

Sat Nov 1 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center

Wed Nov 5 - Altanta, GA - Phillips Arena


Coldplay Artwork: Viva La Vida Tour Programme


iUSED2RULEtheWORLD posted some excellent Coldplay scans based on recent Viva La Vida photoshoots for the tour programme.




Chris Martin Announces New EP Later In 2008, Then Album In 2009


Two new Coldplay interviews aired in the UK, the first one on BBC Radio 2 with Dermot O'Leary and the second on BBC6 Music. During the second one Chris Martin confirmed details of future Coldplay releases to a well respected Steve Lamacq. Here's what Steve's blog said:


So what we suspected - but weren't at liberty to confirm - turns out to be true. There will be another Coldplay album next year, currently set for release in December '09. Chris Martin broke the news during a convivial chat with REM's Michael Stipe and yours truly on BBC 6 Music on Saturday afternoon. What's more surprising is that there will be a new EP, Prospekt's March, released around Christmas... ("hopefully December 26th, something like that"). All of which seems to confirm earlier suspicions that the sessions with Brian Eno for the current album Viva La Vida were so productive that they had songs to spare - although the band still claim the next album is far from finished. In the meantime, we got to hear a laid-back Coldplay democratically choosing the title for the EP, live on air, with the added bonus of Stipe having the casting vote.


And anyway, maybe it's about time that some bands sharpened up their act. We've given them enough stick down the years. The grief bands get at gigs comes in many forms. There's the ironic cheer when a support band announce "This is our last song", or the more minimal, basic "get off you're rubbish (or colloquial words to that effect)". But I quite admire a clever heckle. Does anyone remember the new wave band 'These Animal Men' falling apart on stage at Reading Festival and in a gap in the shambles someone at the back of the tent, helpfully hollered "Taxi for These Animal Men!" Being chaps who could duly take a joke they used the line as the title of their next album! I once saw a friend of mine - the guitarist in a band - stumble and nearly keel over during a particularly effusive guitar solo in the middle of one of their songs. He managed to regain his composure before toppling off the stage, looked round to see if anyone had noticed and casually raced to the end of the song. Sadly someone had noticed. After the applause had dribbled away a lone voice shouted: "Oi you! Fall over again!"


It didn't sound malicious, but as all good heckles do, it burst that bubble of cool. And that's enough for most people....until audiences go bad. The most destroying heckle I've ever heard was saved for The Tears - the band formed by ex-Suede members Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler. Making their big London debut at the Astoria - which was all pomp and bluster for the opening five minutes - they finished their second song, only for a voice of doom to cut through the hall. "Awful. (pause). Really awful."


Never have three words sounded so loud (they reverberated round the theatre for what seemed like hours) and so viciously damning. I wonder if they ever truly recovered from them. For a group of well respected, not to mention tactically aloof musicians to be cut down to size so easily must have been incredibly traumatic. It's like those nightmares you have about giving a speech at school, except you're naked on stage at the lectern and you've forgotten the words. And then the headmaster from the back of the class yells "Awful Lamacq! Really awful."


This is why I've revised my opinion about introducing football chants at gigs. Although don't let me stop you if you're faced with some talentless over-priced twerps getting too big for their boots. I'd suggest "Down with the Britpop, you're going down with the Britpop." Or maybe: "Hit band no fans, hit band no fans." Or even: "One song....you've only got one song." Although don't try that one out on Coldplay. They've apparently got bloody hundreds of songs.




This was all just before Coldplay played special concert for the BBC, which was broadcast live on BBC Radio 2. You kept abreast of things happening in London live on the messageboard. And a download was available shortly after. The setlist was:


1. Life In Technicolor

2. Violet Hill

3. Clocks

4. Viva La Vida (dedicated to Terry Wogan)

5. 42

6. The Hardest Part aka. Ego Trip (Chris M. acoustic)

7. Chinese Sleep Chant

8. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno v-v-v-ersion)

9. Yellow (dedicated to Radio 2)

10. Lost!

11. Trouble

12. The Scientist (full version)

13. Lovers In Japan (dedicated to Dermot O'Leary)


14. Death And All His Friends (dedicated to Phil Harvey, the 5th member of Coldplay)

15. Strawberry Swing (not aired on radio)







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I haven't seen that FRIGGIN' HAWT GREEN SHIRT on Will before :stunned:

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EDIT: I voted for the Viva La Vida Tour Programme BTW :D (Figures :rolleyes: !!)

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