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it's a Gay Priest's birthday!


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I don't remember... anyway.. I found the aliases / members list!


Aliases - Members (full list)


Mental Marilyn - Lera

Чебурашка - Reilly

Faux Hawk - rayman

bimbowholovesbritney - maiu

DreamAfterChristmas - Gitta Rensolo

Funky_Chicken - TracieMorgan

Tony Montana - Ondes Martenot

Egon-The-Emperor - VERVE

sexylittleswine - xpixierosexx

Lonnie Lionheart - Reilly

~ Foxy Roxy ~ - vertigo caz

.God. - Loretin

Gollum - Erin

SaltyTears - blackchickintheback

Big Boss - alyssa

Jerrie Constable - busybeeburns

WOT? - indanomati

Angry and Armed - Party Pooper

DestinysChild - mandymcnabb

A Gay Priest - Ondes Martenot

JuicyGrandma - Zeoir

Monopoly Man - sniggirb

Eh Steve! - qwertyuiop

Jules Winnfield - Marisa

Choad Patrol - mandymcnabb

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Oh yeah i accidentaly clicked the calendar last night too and saw all the birthdays and it still feels like it was yesterday :bigcry:



edit: i'm suprised how many of those people have left!

No wonder this place isn't the same anymore

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What on earth is alias day?



- you create a new account (obviously with some creativity)

- on "the alias day" you only can use that alias account (e.g. Ghost of Albie), you CAN'T post with your original account (e.g. Ondes Martenot)

- your alias account will last only for 24 hours (whole day), you can't use it after, it's against the forum rules

- you won't know who who's alias is

- NO BASHING!: swearing allowed but NO BASHING other members, you can bash the other aliases though :P


the whole point of this would be FUN obviously and that no-one except admins and mods would know who you really are


There you go

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