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N95-1 replacement - which phone next?


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It's almost time to upgrade my phone, currently a Nokia N95-1.


Don't want to spend a fortune (the fiancee would rather it was put towards the wedding! ;) ) but would like a decent upgrade to my N95.


I'm with t-mobile at the moment and was due an upgrade in sept, but as there wasn't a phone i wanted and i didn't want to pay £140 for an N96, i decided to go for a loyalty discount on my line.


A few months on and i'm getting itchy fingers.


Any suggestions from those of you that have moved from a N95 to another brand, or even another Nokia.


Or comments on what you would do - all greatly appreciated.


Thanks you lot

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I upgrade my phone every two years. Well the contract for my network provider is locked for another two years if I avail of its loyalty program, which is a free phone.


Your N95 is still current and pretty advanced. What do you need the upgrade for?


However, I have my eyes set on Sony Ericsson's XPERIA http://www.sonyericsson.com/x1/

It's a great piece of machine, I think.


I would go for it when I'd upgrade.

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