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Go on a VIRTUAL DATE with Adriane

Death Hill

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I got far enough to be able to fondle her breasts and watch her shower before she ended the date.:wink3:



Scroll down for cheats, if you're interested :cool:















































1. Introduce yourself

2. Say Something Funny

3. Compliment her outfit, kiss on cheek

4. Say you're over 18

5. Read Poetry

6. Dance Soft Rock

7. Kiss while dancing

8. Go someplace else: Kitchen

9. Drink Wine

10. Grab steaks for dinner


Follow either:


11. Click on back yard table

12. Wait outside as she gets in her bikini

13. Eat, Compliment, Drink, Talk

14. Go for a swim

15. Jump in, swim some more

16. Get out when she says she might get some cramp

17. Get in hot tub

18. Kiss

19. Drink some wine

20. Truth/Dare

21. You, Truth

22. Her, Truth: Ask her is she's ever had sex in the bath tub

23. You, dare. Click to contine

24. Her Dare: Take off top. Help her.

25. You, Dare. Click to continie

26. Her, Dare: Take of panties

27. Frenck Kiss

28. Some wine

29. Massage shoulders

30. Grab breasts

31. Suck nipples

32. Rub back

33. Grab ass

34. Massage pussy

35. Have sex

36. Suggest spending the night

37. Have sex again



And yet another walkthrough, this to bang her on the couch:


Read her some poetry.

Compliment her.

Then kiss her on the cheek.

She'll ask you if you're over 18.

Click radio.

Dance Jazz (do nothing else but dance).

Go into the other room.

Click on the kitchen.

Grab the steaks.

Grab the wine.

Wait for the steaks on the grill.

Compliment her.

Talk to her.

Eat the steaks.

Drink the wine.

Go back in.

Go to the backyard.

Click on the bench.

Get the astronomy question right.

Choose "flash her boobies".

Go back in.

Go on the couch.

Kiss her. (it zooms in)

Kiss her.

Drink some wine.

Touch her hair.

French her.

Massage her back.

Drink some wine.

Caress her breasts.

Take her top off.

Caress her breasts again.

Kiss her nipples.

Rub thigh.

Take pants off

Rub butt, take panties off, etc etc etc.

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